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Loan Products

The Salt Creek Credit Union offers a wide variety of loans. You may need a personal loan for car repairs, to pay taxes, medical expenses or take a vacation. When it is time to purchase a new vehicle, the credit union offers excellent rates with a variety of terms. Currently we offer the following:

- New/Used Car/Truck
- Vans
- Motorcycles
- Boats
- Personal
- Share Secured

7 Important Tips to Getting the Best Deal on Your Auto Purchase

1) Determine how much you can afford BEFORE you go shopping! Many buyers spend more on a vehicle than they can afford, and are then 'stuck' with payments they can't make.  We work with you-individually-though the entire buying process, including determining how much you can comfortable afford and pre-approving you for that amount. Visit SALT CREEK CREDIT UNION FIRST!

2) 0% financing is nice-but not always the best deal.  Again, before you sign anything, talk with us to compare the actual costs of such offers as dealer financing, rebates, 0% financing, etc.  We're here to look out for YOUR interest... not the dealership.

3) Dealers push very hard for you to finance through them... for a reason.  Because they make money!  It's called indirect Lending,  The lenders who work with a dealer give the dealer a set dollar amount or a percentage of the loan interest as an incentive for sending them a loan.  We don't do that-we give the resulting savings in the form of lower loan rates to our members.

4) Compare the facts and figures of any deal.  We work with every one of our car-buying members to help ensure they are getting the best possible deal.  We'll review the agreement and check the MSRP on new autos or NADA value on used cars.  Not all dealers are honest and trustworthy.

5) Our rates are always excellent.  As a non-for-profit, member-owned institution, we are dedicated to helping our members get the most for the money.

6) We offer you the added protection of GAP Insurance, Payment Protection, as appropriate. If a dealer offers you the same protection, let us evaluate and compare it to ours to determine which is the better protection for the cost.

7) And finally, car buying consultants recommend that you do NOT finance through a dealership.  Check out experts' web sits, like SmartMoney, and you'll see comments such as "Dontact lenders directly" and "Dealers often try to push buyers into purchasing more expensive vehicles to increase their commission." (another reason to be PRE-Approved before you go shopping!).

Already purchased a new vehicle and need some help?  Stop by or call the credit union office and see what we can do to refinance to a lower rate.  We're here for YOU and all of your financial needs.

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